Sep 27 2014

At Sports Horse Classic, we believe that a show jumping sport horse is as bespoke as its rider. As such, we work hard to match the temperament and style of a young horse to the ability and style of the rider to create that perfect, lasting match. Creating a match in this way yields the best results and allows you, as the rider, to work on your abilities, weaknesses and career without having to worry too much about adapting the horse to fit your own style.

I have worked with Michael and Lucy for many years to help source and provide the best showjumping horses for me.
GEOFF BILLINGTON – (Olympian Show Jumper)

This is why we work closely with you to discover more about your experience, abilities as a rider and what you expect from a young horse. We also work to discover how you intend to continue the horse’s development to ascertain what level you are at and what kind of potential you need from a ┬áhorse. For example, you may be early in your own equestrian development and therefore need a young horse that currently jumps at Newcomers level but in the future should have the ability, if developed correctly, to compete at a much higher level. On the other hand, you may be very experienced and require a sport horse that has been developed and only requires fine tuning to compete at the same level as yourself. It’s not as straight forward as it sometimes appears! We use our vast network and years of experience to work with you and a selection of horses to ensure that we find a suitable, workable match for both the rider and show jumping horse.

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